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If you have decided to work abroad and become an expat, you are probably looking forward to the many adventures ahead. But one thing you might have to consider with all seriousness is your children’s education. While children will undoubtedly benefit from the experience of being entrenched in a new culture, it can be a […]

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Everyone looks forward to the day they can retire when your days are your own to do with as you please. Whether you’re an expat living in China or have spent your work life building your career in your home country, retirement is something that people start to talk and fantasize about when they’re still young.  […]

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Distribution of International Schools in China A look at the distribution of International schools in China.   

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Bluestar AMG explaining Expats in China.  

We live in a time when globalization defines the world in ways we’ve never seen before, and there has never before been an era when the economy has been more interconnected. With this new configuration comes new opportunities, such as chances to work abroad and advance one’s career in other countries. Some will ask the […]

Medical Care or healthcare is widely available in China. A large number of hospitals are found in all of the cities, and most villages. The quality of medical care and facilities available can be very basic in the less densely populated areas of China.  Major cities will typically have good healthcare facilities but it is always […]

So you’ve decided you want to invest in the stock market. The only problem is you haven’t got a clue where to start. The language of investments can seem incredibly confusing and even intimidating and you may feel like there’s just too much to get your head around. But never fear, BlueStar AMG is here […]

When you decided to become an expat, your finances were probably one of the main priorities for your attention. You had to weigh up whether you’d be better off financially abroad or back at home, and consider factors like medical insurance and school fees in your deliberations. But BlueStar AMG has found that many people […]

Most of us will have considered what we want to happen to our assets when we die. We may have decided to leave them to our spouse, our children or perhaps a charity close to our hearts. And it’s likely that most of us have written a will to ensure our wishes are taken into […]

Our years of experience in the industry and knowledge of the worldwide marketplace have given us a real insight into the benefits of both domestic and international policies. We would always recommend for expats to look beyond China when setting up savings plans, especially when it comes to something as important as their children’s university […]