Pension transfers

Pension transfers

Many people will work for a few different companies during their working lives, which also means they will likely accumulate several different pensions in different places. This means numerous accounts with numerous contact details, online log ins and account numbers, which can become a little overwhelming, not to mention complicated to manage.

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Combining all your pensions and consolidating them into one place and under one roof can help make life easier for you and give you peace of mind. This also makes it incredibly easy to manage and to see exactly what your pension is worth at any given time.

This information is readily available on your statements or can be obtained over the phone by calling your pension provider. Once you have all your information together, we simply need to fill out a few forms (which we help you with) and that is it. The process can take several weeks but we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Consolidating your pensions is also a lot easier than you may think and we can help you.

All we need to know is:


Your pension providers name.


Your policy/plan numbers.


The approximate values


The type of pension it is.

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