Providing expatriates with advice on tax savings & offshore investments.

Offshore Investing

BlueStar Professional investment advisor team that specializes in expats living in China and Asia.

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Offshore Financial Services

Wide variety of trusted investment services that help expats invest confidently.

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International Bank Accounts

Providing you with financial and legal advantages in a low-tax jurisdiction.


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Personal & General Insurance

Products such as Business, Health & Accidental, Individual and more.

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Financial advisors for exapts in Asia

Offshore Financial Services in China

Providing top quality offshore financial services to expatriates in Asia. We offer asset management and can help you plan for a better financial future with our offshore investing opportunities, personal or business insurance policies, and child education planning.

We take pride in our honest investment approach and we value these traits and regardless whats happening around the world. These are important to each and everyone of us at BlueStar AMG  Learn more…