Investment Platforms

Investment Platforms

Investment platforms and portfolio bonds have similarities with regards to the available investment options, but whereas a portfolio bond is typically structured as an investment-linked life insurance vehicle with broad financial planning utility, an investment platform is purely used for investing and would probably only be tax-efficient whilst an investor remained an expatriate.

There are some benefits though, investment platforms allow for faster trading and usually at a lower cost, so are more suitable for the investor who wants to trade more frequently.

Some of the key benefits of using investment platform include:
  • All assets held under one roof making for easy administration and management
  • Open Architecture – access to any tradable asset such as funds, equities and ETF’s
  • Access to capital from day 1
  • Flexibility to make additional investments at anytime

  • Portability should you change employer or location
  • 24 / 7 online access (portfolio values updated daily)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Discretionary and Expert Management
  • Portfolio analysis tools

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