Tracing our origins back to 2000 in Asia,BlueStar AMG boasts a management team that has amassed over 10 years relevant commercial experience.

With offices in Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Malaysia our ethos is simple: our clients’ needs come first! Our motto: find the right solution for the client. This means that when you chose BlueStar AMG, you choose excellence, commitment, ethics and above all, capability.

BlueStar AMG is a collaboration of professionals spanning many disciplines, from Legal and Accounting through to Financial Planning and Portfolio Management. We are all committed to providing sound and correct advice.

What truly sets BlueStar AMG apart from the competition is that our business model is one that blends commercialism with altruism. We achieved this by simply aligning the long term interests of our professionals with the goals of our clients.

This approach ensures that you can be assured that all advice is given without prejudice and always with the utmost integrity. At BlueStar AMG, there’s no such thing as self interest, only shared interest.