We are first and foremost a financial advisory and asset management group for expatriates in Asia, such as China, including Beijing,Shanghai and Shenzhen. That means that  we specialise in helping expatriates plan for events such as retirement or invest for their childrens’ education or even weddings

We also help with finding the most suitable health insurance, calculating the correct amount of life cover, help set up trusts or even something as simple as investments for wealth accumulation and portfolio management. Beyond this, we operate as an insurance broker working with both individuals as well as SME’s and corporate entities. Additionally, through our sister company we offer property as both an investment and as something you can live in.

We help our clients achieve their financial goals by finding the solutions that are right for them, in a transparent and ethical manner using jargon-free plain English at all times. 

We also work with a wide variety of large organisations; see our Clients page for more information