Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers the loss of, or damage to, goods in transit from one designated place to another. Whether by air, sea, road or rail, we can tailor policies to suit the individual customer’s needs, whether they are location-specific or part of a global program.


Industries covered:

    General cargo
    High tech
    Crude oil
    Project cargo
    Trading and commodities
    Delay of start up             


Transportation specialist legal liability

Includes the following scope of coverage:

Cargo liability

Covers the insured’s legal liability for physical loss or damage to cargo.


Customs liability

Covers fines, penalties and confiscation of property due to breach of import or export regulations.


Third party liability

Liability related to accidental death or bodily injury, property loss or damage of third parties or consequential loss from such accidental bodily injury or property loss/damage.


Errors and omissions

Covers financial loss of your customers caused by your negligent act, error or omission committed in the conduct of your business as an international transportation specialist.


Insured business operations:

    Freight forwarding
    Customs broking
    Non-vessel owning common carrier
    Non-aircraft owning common carrier
    Related activities in logistics services like warehousing, consolidating, packing and trucking


Marine hull insurance

Insurance for the vessel including hull, machinery and equipment, covering:

    Fire, explosion, flood, tsunami, earthquake
    Collision, grounding, contact with any objects, disappearance
    Collision liability, general average and salvage, sue and labour


Yacht/pleasure craft insurance

Provides coverage for accidental, direct physical loss or damage from an external cause, as well as salvage charges. Coverage applies to the yacht itself and includes sails, machinery and other equipment which is normally required for the operation and maintenance of the yacht. It also covers the insured’s liability for property damage, bodily injury or death of another person resulting from the ownership or use of the insured yacht.

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