Household insurance

Let us assist you in getting affordable insurance cover for your property and home contents in China.



Protection for residential flats including their structure, hard decoration and other fixtures and fittings therein against accidental physical loss or damage due to covered risks such as fire, explosion, water damage, theft and so on.



All risks protection covers loss or damage to home contents such as soft decorations, furniture and household appliances against accidental loss occurring within insured premises.


Additional coverage

Worldwide protection against accidental loss or damage to personal effects and valuables such as jewellery, watches, laptops and cash. It also covers the bodily injury of a domestic servant arising in the course of their employment. Includes tenants’ liability, worldwide personal liability and owners’ liability in a common area.


Travel insurance

Travel insurance is available on both a short term and annual basis. To cover:
Personal accident
Medical and related expenses (accidental cover only on domestic travel)
Medical expenses including hospitalisation as a result of accident or sickness during the journey
Comprehensive benefits including personal accident and belongings
Emergency assistance service
Travel inconvenience


Golf insurance

Specially designed to provide a comprehensive cover to protect you while playing golf.


Personal liability

A legal liability you may incur for the death of, or bodily injury to, third parties while playing or practicing golf on any recognized golf course. Also includes the loss of, or damage to, third party property.  Any claim shall be subject to the judgment of the jurisdiction of China.


Personal Accident

Bodily injury or death caused by an accident on any recognized golf course.


Golfing equipment

This covers accidental loss of, or damage to, golfing equipment belonging to you whilst in direct transit to, from or whilst at any recognized golf club, up to the maximum amount shown in the schedule.


Personal effects

Accidental loss of, or damage to, personal belongings and clothing owned by you whilst at any recognized golf club, up to the maximum amount shown in the schedule.


Hole in One

Get reimbursements for the cost of hospitality incurred by you as a result of accomplishing a hole in one.

 *Subject to indemnity limits.
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