Health insurance

BlueStar offers global health insurance coverage from a broad panel of providers in China. We have a good choice of plans for expats no matter they are individuals or families, which include in-patient, out-patient, maternity and dental, both for essential and routine treatment.

For corporate customers, we can create group schemes to meet specific requirements, achieving the optimum balance between coverage and cost.


Accident insurance

Accident insurance covers events including accidental death and disability, plus financial protection in the event of accidents. This can be taken on an individual or a group basis.

Peace of mind can be achieved knowing our personal and group accident insurance gives you compensation immediately if you have suffered an accident which may bring you or your loved ones a financial loss.


Product features

    24 hour a day, 365 day a year protection, wherever you are
    24 hour worldwide emergency rescue service
    Extra cash relief for the insured beneficiary in the case of a fatal accident
    You can choose various existing plans or a tailor-made package can be provided for your specific requirements and budget
    Valuable insurance product and easy application



    Accidental death and dismemberment cover
    Accident medical reimbursement
    Benefits for serious burns
    Double indemnity
    Repatriation extension
    Immediate cash relief for fatal accidents
    Accidental hospital allowance


Extended benefits include:

Sickness hospital allowance

    Exposure clause
    Disappearance clause
    Suffocation by smoke, poisonous fumes, gas and drowning

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