Standard Cover

Property insurance protects businesses against financial loss due to damage from events such as fire, explosions, landslides, lightning, typhoons, storms, floods and so on.


Comprehensive cover

For the physical loss of, or damage to, insured property arising from natural hazards or accidents including fires and explosions.

The insured property may include buildings, decorations, machinery, equipment, fixtures, fittings, furniture and stock, but will exclude money and vehicles licensed for general transport use.

This plan can be extended to a worldwide coverage for portable computers and removable photograph apparatus such as digital cameras.


Loss of profits cover

This covers the loss of profits and increased expenditure incurred following a physical loss under your property or MB insurance


Money cover

Covering loss of money kept on your premises or in transit due to fire, explosion, storms, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, armed robbery, burglaries and so on.



This covers items leased for use in commercial production or services. Any insured item that suffers unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from accidents or natural hazards will be repaired or replaced.


SME Cover

For smaller businesses that need packaged cover for a bit of everything. This can include office contents, stock and buildings and loss of money.


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Venture Capital Asset Protection

 VCAP is a combined product which offers management liability, management indemnification, outside directorship and professional services liability insurance in one policy. This helps to eliminate gaps in your insurance program. Through a combined VCAP policy, venture capital firms receive true value and one of the broadest policies in the industry.

Venture capital firms and their partners have unique exposures. We can arrange a comprehensive risk transfer program specifically designed to help protect your firm’s returns through the preservation of capital. By mitigating potential losses, we help safeguard reputations and investment returns.


Public offering liability

 Initial public offerings are fraught with risk. Company performance and decisions are subject to external scrutiny and directors of newly floated companies run the risk of being sued or investigated if investor expectations are not met.

Directors must present all relevant information and material facts regarding the company with total accuracy. Any investor experiencing a loss in the value of their shares will seize upon any mistakes, leaving the company exposed to claims that the information was relied upon when investing in the company.

Public offering insurance goes beyond standard directors’ and officers’ insurance to include features specifically designed to cover the added risks of engaging in this type of transaction.


Educators’ professional liability

 Educational establishments, their board members, trustees, administrators and teachers must defend everything they do from their student admission policies to their employment practices. Institutions can end up spending millions of dollars to defend a case against them and the related damages or settlement amounts.

Educators’ professional liability insurance was  designed especially to help address the insurance needs of educational institutions, their board members, administrators, trustees, teachers and other employees.


Surety bonds

 We can help arrange surety facilities for companies that require bonds to support or facilitate commercial transactions. We arrange a guarantee that funds are available in the event that a company is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations.


Domestic trade credit insurance

 Domestic trade credit insurance is designed to make granting trade credit to your customers feasible. Being paid can mean the difference between solvency and insolvency and regardless of the apparent impressiveness of the figures on their balance sheets, customer defaults happen.

The credit insurance covers for bad debt or non-payment of account receivable arising out of trade, which is a good way to transfer the risk of default.


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Household insurance

Let us assist you in getting affordable insurance cover for your property and home contents.



Protection for residential flats including their structure, hard decoration and other fixtures and fittings therein against accidental physical loss or damage due to covered risks such as fire, explosion, water damage, theft and so on.



All risks protection covers loss or damage to home contents such as soft decorations, furniture and household appliances against accidental loss occurring within insured premises.


Additional Coverage

Worldwide protection against accidental loss or damage to personal effects and valuables such as jewellery, watches, laptops and cash. It also covers the bodily injury of a domestic servant arising in the course of their employment. Includes tenants’ liability, worldwide personal liability and owners’ liability in a common area.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is available on both a short term and annual basis. To cover:

»Personal accident
»Medical and related expenses (accidental cover only on domestic travel)
»Medical expenses including hospitalisation as a result of accident or sickness during the journey
»Comprehensive benefits including personal accident and belongings
»Emergency assistance service
»Travel inconvenience


Golf Insurance

Specially designed to provide a comprehensive cover to protect you while playing golf.


personal Liability

A legal liability you may incur for the death of, or bodily injury to, third parties while playing or practicing golf on any recognized golf course. Also includes the loss of, or damage to, third party property.  Any claim shall be subject to the judgment of the jurisdiction of China.


Personal Accident

Bodily injury or death caused by an accident on any recognized golf course.


Golfing equipment

This covers accidental loss of, or damage to, golfing equipment belonging to you whilst in direct transit to, from or whilst at any recognized golf club, up to the maximum amount shown in the schedule.


Personal Effects

Accidental loss of, or damage to, personal belongings and clothing owned by you whilst at any recognized golf club, up to the maximum amount shown in the schedule.


Hole in One

Get reimbursements for the cost of hospitality incurred by you as a result of accomplishing a hole in one.


*Subject to indemnity limits.


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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers the loss of, or damage to, goods in transit from one designated place to another. Whether by air, sea, road or rail, we can tailor policies to suit the individual customer’s needs, whether they are location-specific or part of a global program.


Industries covered:

»General cargo
»High tech
»Crude oil
»Project cargo
»Trading and commodities
»Delay of start up


Transportation specialist legal liability Includes the following scope of coverage:

Cargo liability

Covers the insured’s legal liability for physical loss or damage to cargo.


Customs liability

Covers fines, penalties and confiscation of property due to breach of import or export regulations.


Third party liability

Liability related to accidental death or bodily injury, property loss or damage of third parties or consequential loss from such accidental bodily injury or property loss/damage.


Errors and omissions

Covers financial loss of your customers caused by your negligent act, error or omission committed in the conduct of your business as an international transportation specialist.


Insured business operations:

»Freight forwarding
»Customs broking
»Non-vessel owning common carrier
»Non-aircraft owning common carrier
»Related activities in logistics services like warehousing, consolidating, packing and trucking


Marine hull insurance

Insurance for the vessel including hull, machinery and equipment, covering:

»Fire, explosion, flood, tsunami, earthquake
»Collision, grounding, contact with any objects, disappearance
»Collision liability, general average and salvage, sue and labour


Yacht/pleasure craft insurance

Provides coverage for accidental, direct physical loss or damage from an external cause, as well as salvage charges. Coverage applies to the yacht itself and includes sails, machinery and other equipment which is normally required for the operation and maintenance of the yacht. It also covers the insured’s liability for property damage, bodily injury or death of another person resulting from the ownership or use of the insured yacht.


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We offer engineering, construction and energy line insurance across a broad spectrum of industries including mining, oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and utilities, designed to indemnify against a broad range of risks. Our lines include:


Erection all risks insurance

Comprehensive cover for physical loss of, or damage to, insured property arising from any natural hazards or accident. Also legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or property damage in direct connection with erection work on, or in the vicinity of, the insured site.


Construction all risks insurance

Comprehensive cover for physical loss of, or damage to, insured property arising from any natural hazards or accident. Also legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or property damage in direct connection with construction work on, or in the vicinity of, the insured site.


Machinery breakdown insurance

Comprehensive cover for the physical loss of, or damage to, insured machinery and its associated equipment arising from any sudden and unforeseen accident caused by faulty design, faults at workshop or in erection, defects in casting and material workers or technicians’ faulty operation, lack of skill, bad workmanship, negligence, faults, malicious acts and so on.

Machinery breakdown insurance, together with property all risks insurance, provides adequate cover for general machinery and equipment.


Consequential loss insurance

Cover for profit loss and increasing cost of working caused by interruption or interference caused by a machinery breakdown.


Platform form all risks insurance

Platform insurance covers against all risks of direct physical loss of or damage to platform installation(s) as scheduled which includes the platform(s), catwalks, and landing ramps and all property as scheduled owned by or in the care, custody or control of the assured located on the said platform installation(s)


Electronic equipment insurance

Comprehensive cover for accidental physical loss or material damage of insured electronic equipment, external data media and the subsequent increased cost of working.


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Public liability cover

Comprehensive cover for your legal liability to third parties’ accidental bodily injury or property damage in direct connection with your business.


Product liability cover

Comprehensive cover for your legal liability to third parties’ accidental bodily injury or property damage caused by products or goods manufactured or sold by you. Includes legal costs.


Employers’ liability cover

Comprehensive cover (other than those specially excluded) for your legal liability to your employees’ accidental bodily injury or occupational disease in the course of employment. Includes legal costs.


Professional indemnity

The provision of services and offering of advice can leave you open to allegations of negligence and the ever-increasing possibility of civil actions against your company or its employees. To help protect your company against such allegations, BlueStar can help you source a professional indemnity policy. The policy should be considered an integral part of any comprehensive professional risks program.

This policy will cover your company and all subsidiaries, past and present directors, officers, partners and employees for claims brought against them while performing professional services.


Fidelity guarantee insurance

Comprehensive cover for direct loss of property sustained from any fraudulent or dishonest act of insured employee(s) in connection with their occupation and duties.

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Fine art insurance

Our policy offers affordable insurance which covers fine art and collectibles, protecting you against financial loss and preserving these objects for future generations.


Clean tech

Clean tech describes companies involved in deriving power from renewable resources, creating energy efficiency or addressing the scarcity of natural resources.

We can help find an insurance solution to meet the complex needs of these companies. This includes consultation, installation, design, engineering and other professional services used in developing and delivering processes, products or production operations within the following three segments:

»Renewable fuels and power generation
»Efficiency, control and storage technologies
»Resource management systems and products

 We can help with:

»Liability packages
»Premises and operations liability
»Product and completed operations liability
»Professional liability or errors and omissions liability
»Product withdrawal expenses
»Marine transit solutions including project cargo
»Multinational solutions


Life sciences

Tailored insurance packages for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, healthcare product service organisations and more. For enterprise-wide solutions with specialized products precisely crafted for life sciences companies including coverage for general liability, human clinical trial medical expenses, errors and omissions and excess liability.


Insured business operations:

»Pharmaceutical companies
»Medical device companies
»Drug discovery companies
»Contract research organisations
»Contract manufacturing organisations
»Human clinical trials of pharmaceutical and medical device companies
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Health insurance

We offer global health insurance coverage from a broad panel of providers. We have a good choice of plans for individuals and families, which include in-patient, out-patient, maternity and dental, both for essential and routine treatment.

For corporate customers, we can create group schemes to meet specific requirements, achieving the optimum balance between coverage and cost.


Accident insurance

Accident insurance covers events including accidental death and disability, plus financial protection in the event of accidents. This can be taken on an individual or a group basis.

Peace of mind can be achieved knowing our personal and group accident insurance gives you compensation immediately if you have suffered an accident which may bring you or your loved ones a financial loss.


Product features

»24 hour a day, 365 day a year protection, wherever you are
»24 hour worldwide emergency rescue service
»Extra cash relief for the insured beneficiary in the case of a fatal accident
»You can choose various existing plans or a tailor-made package can be provided for your specific requirements and budget
»Valuable insurance product and easy application



»Accidental death and dismemberment cover
»Accident medical reimbursement
»Benefits for serious burns
»Double indemnity
»Repatriation extension
»Immediate cash relief for fatal accidents
»Accidental hospital allowance


Extended benefits include:

Sickness hospital allowance

»Exposure clause
»Disappearance clause
»Suffocation by smoke, poisonous fumes, gas and drowning

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