Venture Capital Asset Protection

VCAP is a combined product which offers management liability, management indemnification, outside directorship and professional services liability insurance in one policy. This helps to eliminate gaps in your insurance program. Through a combined VCAP policy, venture capital firms receive true value and one of the broadest policies in the industry.

Venture capital firms and their partners have unique exposures. We can arrange a comprehensive risk transfer program specifically designed to help protect your firm’s returns through the preservation of capital. By mitigating potential losses, BlueStar helps safeguard reputations and investment returns.


Public offering liability

Initial public offerings are fraught with risk. Company performance and decisions are subject to external scrutiny and directors of newly floated companies run the risk of being sued or investigated if investor expectations are not met.

Directors must present all relevant information and material facts regarding the company with total accuracy. Any investor experiencing a loss in the value of their shares will seize upon any mistakes, leaving the company exposed to claims that the information was relied upon when investing in the company.

Public offering insurance goes beyond standard directors’ and officers’ insurance to include features specifically designed to cover the added risks of engaging in this type of transaction.


Educators’ professional liability

Educational establishments, their board members, trustees, administrators and teachers must defend everything they do from their student admission policies to their employment practices. Institutions can end up spending millions of dollars to defend a case against them and the related damages or settlement amounts.

Educators’ professional liability insurance provided by BlueStar was  designed especially to help address the insurance needs of educational institutions, their board members, administrators, trustees, teachers and other employees.


Surety bonds

BlueStar can help arrange surety facilities for companies that require bonds to support or facilitate commercial transactions. We arrange a guarantee that funds are available in the event that a company is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations.


Domestic trade credit insurance

Domestic trade credit insurance is designed to make granting trade credit to expats in China feasible. Being paid can mean the difference between solvency and insolvency and regardless of the apparent impressiveness of the figures on their balance sheets, customer defaults happen.

The credit insurance covers for bad debt or non-payment of account receivable arising out of trade, which is a good way to transfer the risk of default.

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